A Brief insight into the past of London

Are you planning to tour London this vacation? If so, then have a look at the history behind the beautiful city to be able to enjoy and understand the city more comprehensively. Enjoy the brief jaunt into its past-

London, the world’s most popular tourist destination, has a history dating back to some 200 years. It was founded in 50 AD with the Londinium. It was the earlier name of the city which is currently called London. It was ruled by Romans and Celts for a couple of centuries, but later on Romans lost it in 410 AD to Jutes, Saxon, and Angles who were natives of Europe. The rule of Anglo- Saxon continued for next 500 years which was ended by the Norman attack in 1066 AD. Britain was frequently attacked by Vikings during the end of 8th century. It was finally stopped by Danish Norsemen in the year 871. London was again reclaimed by King Alfred the Great of Wessex, in 886.

England in 1016, was guarded by Cnut, a Danish king. Subsequent to the Norman take-over in 1066, William, who was the vanquisher, was crowned and declared the King of England. Between 12th and 13th centuries, the capital was moved from Winchester to London. This is not all along with being the victim of various European empires; London was punched by a number of plagues, Great Plague (1664 – 1666) and The Black Death (1348 – 1350). In the two successive centuries, Britain became a top naval power.

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